Tractor Registration With DVLA 

To use a tractor on the road in the UK it needs to be road registered with the DVLA on a form V5c(registered keeper)

The problem with old tractors is that for many reasons the original paperwork may no longer exist  or in a few cases with very old machines it may never have had road registration

A tractor may not have a V5c  present with it at purchase but other older versions  may be present such as old V5 or the old green registration book(commonly  called log book) or even  older the buff coloured registration book  

The first step on the path to getting a machine road legal is to establish the Identity of the vehicle Don't restore it and paint it yet get all the numbers from it, Take photos look for manufacturers date marks,  it may have a registration plate fitted or painted on it ,If it has we have a starting point and a quick call to DVLA

Telephone 0300 7906802

or to a check on line at DVLA

The details may come back if the vehicle and number are on the system this will indicate that a registration or change of details may of taken place in the past since the system  was computerised in the early 1980's,Before that time not all vehicle registration was done centrally it was regional  offices and local authorities who looked after registrations

 In this case a simple application on form V62(from DVLA website) may be all that is required to obtain a V5c

 If no details come back from your initial search there are two routes you may follow the first is to gather evidence and go down the route of reclaiming a lost registration this process will require the expert help of some of the specialist experts at many of the vintage vehicle clubs who can Identify exactly what you have, original number with supporting  evidence, it's identity, its age and guide you through the process the end result  you may get the original registration mark allocated back where it belongs

 The second option is to go for an age related registration mark the process is much the same as above only not pursuing a specific registration. This will produce a registration mark of the correct age format for the year when built but never previously issued by either a local authority or the DVLA  

Our own Nottinghamshire NVTEC  registration expert is Nicholas Kitchen (01777 700621 before 9pm) He will be able to guide you in the right direction 

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