Where did it come from? 

Where did it come from ?
That is usually one of the first three questions asked by the new owner of an engine ,tractor or any vintage item. The other two questions are
"What is it?" and "What is it for"
Where did it come from ?
Well you know the end of the story how you got it and chances are you know the start of the story , manufacturer's name and factory location.
Its the middle part of this riddle that provides a great deal of interest and many challenges, its all down to you and how much you want to know
the history of your new toy.
There may be a story passed on with the item or there may be a dealer sticker, decal or plate in some cases an old registration document or
service book.
Stationary engines present a totally different set of challenges to tractors and are more difficult to trace but sometimes turn up interesting stories
unusual markings or colours etc  
Tractors, on the other hand yield many clues, with the registration plate being one, it can tell you what the area identifier code is. For example
Nottinghamshire could NN ,AL , RR, VO ,TV
It may have an owners name and address on the side if the machine or a supplying dealers name such as a plate, a decal, a sticker or even a transfer
the story goes on each question does not usually provide a definitive answer but normally more questions the other thing that can be done is to ask
around at club meetings, shows and local events in the area that it came from.
Keep digging, it is the history of your exhibit that makes it different from all the other identical tractors or engines. 

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updated on  1st Jan 2024

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